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Builder's Stone Publishing, LLC was created to bring stories of core family values to the public.

Our mission is to inspire people to find the power of the heart within them. While this site is intended to sell products that bring core family values to the public, this site is intended to do much more. We at Builder's Stone Publishing, LLC know that it is our responsibility as individuals to have a positive influence on the world. We hope our products and this site will have such an influence. 

This site will soon include an interactive forum, where you can read and watch our stories about perseverance in the face of kidney disease/failure in 6 family members and our determination in the face of one of this country's newest epidemics, autism. Our site will also include a discussion group where people can exchange ideas and experiences regarding organ failure/donation, autism, and other disabilities. 

Peter Schoemann
Manager and President
November 27, 2006

-- Please watch our videos on the Eckstein family and their experiences with kidney disease.

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