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Autism facts: One out of every 166 children born in the United States is on the autism spectrum. If you have one child on the autism spectrum, there is a one in 15 chance that, if you have another child, that child will be on the autism spectrum. 80% of people on the autism spectrum are male.  Please link to this piece on autism:

Important links:

Autism: the hidden epidemic?- The number of U.S. children diagnosed with autism has skyrocketed in the past decade, causing widespread concern and confusion. As families struggle to cope with the disorder, MSNBC and NBC News look at the issues surrounding autism, the theories behind its dramatic increase and the latest on treatments. (source: on link above to find out more.

Athletes Against Autism- Athletes Against Autism (Triple A) is a group of athletes, personally touched by autism, who are harnessing their efforts into one voice in order to raise awareness and funds for autism research, treatment and education programs. (source:

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